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Model Paper

Resolved model question paper for different competitive exam papers:-
1. Which of the following countries is currently running in the news for 'food for oil' program?
(A) Kuwait
(B) Iran
(C) Iraq
(D) Lebanon
(E) None of these

2. 'Supreme Court of India' recently announced that what are the unconstitutional in the following resolutions?
(A) Constitution of an inquiry commission to investigate volcker reports
(B) Disintegration of Bihar Legislative Assembly
(C) Establishment of another commission at the place of Fukan Commission
(D) To set up a commission under the chairmanship of a prominent diplomat to investigate the recent bomb blasts in Delhi, instead of doing so to the CBI
(E) None of these

3. Which of the following is true about the recent discussion on the sources of reduction in the proposed tariff in the WTO?
(A) India accepted the sources presented by South Africa because there were more or less matches with the formulas presented by it. South Africa was given the responsibility to find a pleasant acceptable solution for it.
(B) India and many others presented a formula which was accepted by the United States, but the European Union refused to accept it.
(C) The United States, Australia and the European Union presented a formula which is not acceptable to India
(D) India wishes to resign from the membership of the WTO as it is not ready for the interests of farmers of India
(E) None of these

4. Which of the following recent news has caused violent riots in the following European countries?
(A) Italy
(B) Germany
(C) Spain
(D) France
(E) None of these

5. Sunil Mittal has been selected as the 'Business Leader of the Year' from the following newspapers / magazines?
(A) Businessworld
(B) Business India
(C) Economic Times
(D) Business Standard
(E) None of these

6. Thomas C. Sheeling and Robert J. Aumen won the Nobel Prize-2005
(A) Physics
(B) Economics
(C) Chemistry
(D) Literature
(E) None of these

7. India has recently decided to conduct a joint air exercise from the following countries?
(Recently this news was used because the groups of people were not in favor of such joint ventures)
(A) UK
(B) Sri Lanka
(C) China
(D) France

8. India wants the United Nations Security Council to have at least-
(A) 5 permanent members including India and China
(B) 7 permanent members including India and China
(C) 9 permanent members including India and China
(D) 11 permanent members including India and Pakistan
(E) Permanent members in both permanent and non-permanent categories

9. Which of the following states was severely affected in October 2005?
(A) Himachal Pradesh
(B) Punjab
(C) Gujarat
(D) Haryana
(E) Jammu and Kashmir

10. RK won four gold medals in a championship held in Pretoria. Surat recently related to the following sports / games?
(A) Rifle shooting
(B) archery
(C) Power lifting
(D) 400 million tons race
(E) None of these

11. Which of the following is not an IT / software company?
(A) Infosys
(B) Wipro
(D) Rolex
(E) All IT / software companies are

12. Which of the following is not a banking / finance related period?
(C) Liquidity

13. Dravid was appointed the captain of the Indian cricket team for a one-day series, the following?
(1) Sri Lanka
(2) South Africa
(3) Australia
(A) only (1)
(B) Only (2)
(C) Only (1) and (2)
(D) Only (3)
(E) (1), (2) and (3) all

14. 'Nalchik' which was recently in the news,
(A) Italy
(B) France
(C) Germany
(D) China
(E) Russia

15. Anju Bobby George won the gold medal recently held at the 16th Asian Athletics Meeting. The meeting was organized-
(A) South Korea
(B) India
(C) China
(D) Pakistan
(E) None of these

16. Who are the members of the Central Information Commission (CIC) recently established under the Right to Information Act?
(A) Sam Pitroda
(B) MS Swaminathan
(C) Rakesh Mohan
(D) Wajahat Habibullah
(E) None of these

17. The 13th SAARC meeting was organized-
(A) Dhaka
(B) Kathmandu
(C) Islamabad
(D) New Delhi
(E) None of these

18. Who among the following is the author of the book 'The Mathematical Theory of Black Holes'? (The author is considered to be great astronomers of modern times)
(A) Dr. C. V. Raman
(B) Dr. J. V. Naralikar
(C) Dr. S. Chandrasekhar
(D) Dr. Homi Jahangir Baba
(E) Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

19. Asian Junior Table Tennis Championship match was recently played-
(A) China
(B) India
(C) South Korea
(D) Singapore
(E) None of these

20. Mr. Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri-
(A) Foreign Minister of Pakistan
(B) Foreign Minister of Bangladesh
(C) Home Minister of Pakistan
(D) Home Minister of Bangladesh
(E) None of these

21. What is India's position in terms of the number of internet users in the world?
(B) Fourth
(C) 5th
(D) 10th
(E) None of these

22. Which of the following countries emerged as the world's largest cell phone maker? (According to the data available till April 2005)
(A) India
(C) Japan
(D) China
(E) None of these

23. Which of the following schemes are being implemented in the rural areas which has given 100 days of assurance to the youth prepared in India?
(A) Supran Gram Rozgar Yojana (SGRY)
(B) National Rural Employment Program (NREP)
(C) Employment Guarantee program without rural land
(D) Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (JRI)
(E) None of these

24. Who among the following is the author of 'Doctor Ziggo'?
(A) Maxim Gorky
(B) Boris Pasternak
(C) Aldous Huxley
(D) George Eliot
(E) None of these

25. Which of the following is not a 'Bharat Ratna' recipient?
(A) Pt. Ravi Shankar
(B) Lata Mangeshkar
(C) Amitabh Bachchan
(D) Prof Amartya Sen
(E) Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

26. Justice Yogesh Kumar Sabharwal was the new Chief Justice-
(A) Allahabad High Court
(B) Bombay High Court
(C) Delhi High Court
(D) Kolkata High Court
(E) Supreme Court of India

27. Raman Magsaysay Awards are not given from the following categories?
(A) Government services
(B) Community Leadership
(C) Journalism
(D) Public Service
(E) music

28. Harold Peter, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature, is a citizen of-
(A) China
(B) UK
(D) Russia
(E) Canada

29. Which of the following countries is not a member of SAARC?
(A) Bhutan
(B) Maldives
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) Suriname
(E) all members

30. Who has been associated with Veselin Tapolov, who recently became the world champion, with the following games / games?
(A) Chess
(B) Golf
(C) snooker
(D) badminton
(E) None of these

31. Which of the following is not an anti inflationary measure of the government?
(A) Strict fiscal discipline
(B) rationality of excise duty
(C) Strengthen the Public Distribution System
(D) Issue of new currency notes / coins
(E) Rationalization of import duties

32. Headquarters of the World Trade Organization (WTO)
(A) Vienna
(B) Geneva
(C) New York
(D) Nebraska
(E) None of these

33. The monetary unit of 'kit' is-
(A) North Korea
(B) Israel
(C) Indonesia
(D) Mongolia
(E) Myanmar

34. Which of the following is the full form of 'PPP'?
(A) Purchase Price and Power
(B) Manufacturer price and power
(C) Poverty, production and purchase
(D) Purchasing power parity
(E) None of these

35. Which of the following universities of North-Eastern states is now the status of Central University?
(A) Manipur
(B) Shillong
(C) Guwahati
(D) Mizoram
(E) None of these

36. Which of the following is not a member of G8?
(A) Australia
(B) Canada
(C) Japan
(D) France

37. 'quartz', which is used in jewelry or industries, is a crystal-
(A) silicon dioxide
(B) Platinum dioxide
(C) Silver chloride
(D) Fluoro Carbon
(E) None of these

38. Any farmer engaged in organic farming will not use any of the following fertilizers?
(A) Manure
(B) Sewage sludge
(C) cow dung
(D) Urea
(E) None of these

39. Which of the following is the word related to cricket?
Push in (A)
(B) Scissor kick
(C) hook
(D) Smash
(E) wrinkle

40. Nirmal Verma, who recently passed away, is a famous-
(a painter
(B) Classical singers
(C) Writer
(D) politician
(E) Social worker

41. Which of the following is not a banking / finance related period?
(A) Current Account
(B) Payment order
(C) cross value
(D) Small Position
(E) violation

42. Which of the following is given for excellence in the field of music?
(A) Saraswati Samman
(B) Tansen Sanman
(C) Vyas Respect
(D) Borlagh Award
(E) None of these

43. Which of the following is a major jute producing state?
(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Karnataka
(D) Kerala
(E) West Bengal

44. The origin of the universe is known as the study-
(A) Cosmology
(B) Chronology
(C) Geology
(D) orgraphy
(E) None of these

45. Splits the boundaries of 'Redcliffe Line'
(A) India-China
(B) China-Russia
(C) Russia-Afghanistan
(D) Pakistan-Afghanistan
(E) Indo-Pak

46. ​​Which of the following is the currency of Saudi Arabia?
(A) Tack
(B) Riyal
(C) Bahat
(D) ruble
(E) None of these

Answer with explanation

1. (e) 2. (b) 3. (b) 4. (b)
5. (C) Sunil Bharti Mittal was declared a Business Leader of Award in 2005 by Economic Times News Paper.
6. (B) In the field of 'Game Theory Analysis' in 2005, the Nobel Prize winner was economist Thomas C. Shelling and Robert J. Auman (jointly).
7. (c) 8. (c) 9. (e) 10. (c) 11. (d) 12. (d) 13. (e) 14. (e) 15. (a) 16. (d) 17. (a) 18 (c) 19. (c) 20. (e) 21. (c) 22. (d) 23. (e) 24. (b) 25. (c) 26. (e) 27 (E) 28 (b) 29. (d) 30. (a) 31. (d) 32. (b) 33. (e) 34. (d) 35. (b) 36. (a) 37. (a)
38. (D) For organic farming, the use of fertilizer is limited only to urea, DAP, MOP etc. Only organic source-traditional / FYM, compost etc. and non-conventional organic sources such as sewage, city waste, press mud, coir pith etc. . Is being used.
39. (c) 40. (c) 41. (d) 42. (b) 43. (e) 44. (a) 45. (e) 46.